FINTEL ENERGIJA Novosti MK Fintel Wind’s third wind farm „Košava“ commissioned

MK Fintel Wind’s third wind farm „Košava“ commissioned




Izbište, 24 September 2019 – MK Fintel Wind has officially launched its third and, at the same time, the largest wind farm „Košava“ in Izbište. The total installed capacity of the plant is 69 MW, meaning that this wind farm can produce electricity to meet the needs of 45,000 households.

"After nearly a decade of taking pioneering steps in wind farm construction projects, we’ve come to realize that we’ve played an important role in raising local and regional public awareness of how important sustainable energy sources are for the future", said CEO of MK Fintel Wind, Tiziano Giovannetti, and added “with a total investment of EUR 118 million, the wind farm „Košava“ represents the crown of investments to date. We will not stop here. Our next step is the second phase of building this wind farm. We have big plans, and with the continued support of partners both from government and corporate sectors, we will achieve the common goal of putting this wind-rich area on the green maps of the world".

The Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antić thanked investors, the Giovannetti and Kostić families, for the great effort they have put into the development of the wind energy sector in Serbia: “I am very pleased to hear today about MK Fintel Wind's ambitious plans which represent an encouragement both for the Ministry and the whole Serbia as well. By putting 370 megawatts on the grid in 2018 and 2019, we became the absolute number one in the region. The fact that we have 400 megawatts from wind energy and over 500 megawatts from the new renewable energy projects today is the proof that we have a serious understanding of what is happening in the energy world and in the segment of global climate change”, concluded Minister Antić.

At the end of 2015, MK Fintel Wind has opened „Kula“ wind park, which was also the first wind park in Serbia with a total installed capacity of 9.9 MW, and less than a year later, the company has opened the second wind park „La Piccolina“ with a total capacity of 6,6 MW. By launching of the wind farm „Košava“, we’ve managed to supply a total of about 60,000 households with „green“ electricity. In addition to increasing the total energy capacity in Banat, Vojvodina and the Danube region, the company plans to realize and build more wind farms in the future, in order to further improve both its own resources and the local economy. In addition, MK Fintel Wind contributes significantly to the achievement of the strategic goal of the Republic of Serbia to obtain 27% of total energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. The company MK Fintel Wind, which has so far invested 143 million EUR in projects in Banat, Vojvodina and the Danube region, aims to further contribute to the stability of Serbia's energy system.

MK Fintel Wind's partners in the construction of the wind farm „Košava“ were Erste Banka, UNICredit Banka, Development Bank of Austria and AIK Banka.

MK Fintel Wind, a joint venture of the Italian company Fintel Energia Spa as the majority owner and the company MK Group d.o.o., was founded in 2007 and is one of the first companies in Serbia to produce "green“ energy through wind power plants and solar panels. MK Fintel Wind is currently the most significant investor in this field in Serbia having projects with capacity of the 300 MW.



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