FINTEL ENERGIJA News Fintel Energy has launched the first IPO on the Belgrade Stock Exchange after 78 years

Fintel Energy has launched the first IPO on the Belgrade Stock Exchange after 78 years

BELGRADE, July 26, 2018 – The company Fintel Energija a.d has launched its first initial public offer of shares (IPO) on the Belgrade Stock Exchange. This is the first such financial operation on the Belgrade Stock Exchange after 78 years, and the company will offer 6,500,000 ordinary shares for sale at a price of RSD 500.00 per share.


Executive Director of Fintel Energy Tiziano Giovannetti emphasized that this is the opportunity for professional investors, families and private investors to become involved in the purchase of shares of this company.


"We offer shares and the possibility to invest in our company. The individual share will cost 500 dinars and our model is to include as many people as possible. We will not sell the share, but we will collect capital from potential investors, in order to further invest in Serbia. We expect the value of the raised capital to amount to 27 million euros, which we will invest in our projects in Serbia" said Giovannetti, adding that Fintel Energija a.d. has invested 150 million euros in wind farms in Serbia so far.


"Our stock market launch is the first in Serbia and this is novelty for all. Transparency of financial operations, protection of small shareholders, transition from one owner to wide ownership and management of shareholders represent a testimonial of changing the culture of access to companies and designing a different management" concluded Giovannetti.


Fintel Energija a.d. has been operating in the Balkans for a decade and it represents the most important investor in the region in Serbia. During this period, the company has built and put into operation the first two wind farms in Serbia and started building the third and at the same time, the largest wind farm. Fintel Energija a.d. is a 100 % owner of the Italian company Fintel Energia Group SpA.


Deadline for subscription and payment of shares of Fintel Energija a.d is from 01 August 2018 until 29 October 2018 and registration of shares will be carried out in the investment company M&V Investments a.d., Belgrade, Bulevar Mihaila Pupina 115e.




Subscription of shares can also be made through Komercijalna banka AD in the following branches:

1.            BEOGRAD

Trg Politika broj 1 (Makedonska 29 – Politika building)

2.            KRAGUJEVAC

Save Kovačevića 1

3.            KRALJEVO

Trg srpskih ratnika bb

4.            JAGODINA

Skver narodne omladine bb

5.            NOVI PAZAR

Njegoševa 1

6.            NIŠ

Episkopska 32

7.            LESKOVAC

Bulevar Oslobođenja 103

8.            KRUŠEVAC

Trg fontana 1

9.            NOVI SAD

Bulevar  oslobođenja  60

10.          SOMBOR

Kralja Petra I broj 7

11.          SUBOTICA

Korzo 10

12.          VRŠAC

Trg svetog Teodora Vršačkog 2

13.          ZRENJANIN

Trg slobode 5

14.          UŽICE

Petra Ćelovića 4

15.          ČAČAK

Gradsko šetalište 10-14

16.          ŠABAC

Gospodar Jevremova 2

17.          VALJEVO

Gradski trg bb (Hotel „Beli narcis“)

18.          ZAJEČAR

Nikole Pašića 25

Shares shall be subscribed by signing a statement on the subscription of shares - a registration form, personally or through a proxy, with the prior identification of the register.

Payment of shares is done at AIK banka a.d. Belgrade, to a special dinar account of the Issuer no. 105000000019041808.


In the event that the investor does not pay the entire amount for the subscribed shares until the expiration of the payment deadline, the shares will be allocated to him according to the paid amount. In the event that the investor pays a higher amount than the amount for which the shares were subscribed, the amount specified in the Register will be taken into account in the allocation.

Valid payment will only be considered as payment that will be received in favour of a special account opened with AIK banka a.d. not later than 12:00 a.m. on the last day of the subscription and payment deadline, together with the accompanying costs. If an investor makes a payment through other banks, apart from AIK banka, he/she should look for information at the bank with which he makes the payment on the time necessary for the paid funds to be received on a special payment account with AIK bank before the expiry of the aforementioned deadline.

Success threshold: The effectiveness of the issue of shares is guaranteed. The success threshold of the III issue is 1.500.000 shares, as well as the liabilities of the investment company M&V Investments a.d. as a sponsor, to buy shares of this issue.

Sponsor of the issue M&V Investments a.d. shall subscribe and pay part of the unsold shares of the Issuer, to the guaranteed number of shares 1.500.000 on the first working day after the expiration of the deadline for subscription and payment of shares by other investors.

After the expiration of the deadline for subscription and payment, the Company's management will calculate with the Emission Agent the exact amount of capital increase and the number of shares that are subscribed and paid according to the pro-rata principle.

The report on the outcome of the public offer shall be published within three working days from the day of the closing of the public offer in the same manner as the Prospectus or in electronic form published on the Issuer's website (, the website of the Agent and the Sponsor M&V Investments a.d. Beograd ( and on the website of the Belgrade Stock Exchange a.d. (

Within five working days from the day of closing of the public offer, the Issuer shall submit to the Central Registry the request for opening the account and subscription in the Central Registry, through M&V Investments a.d. Beograd, a member of the Central Registry.

The Central Registry shall, within three working days from the day of receiving the proper request, register and transfer the shares to the accounts of legal owners.

Within three working days from the date of receipt of notification from the Central Registry that the subscription and transfer of shares was executed, the Issuer will submit a request to the Belgrade Stock Exchange a.d. for inclusion in trading, Prime Listing segment, of all issued shares, through M&V Investments a.d. Belgrade, a member of the Belgrade Stock Exchange.

Agent of M&V Investments a.d. will send to each investor a confirmation of the number of shares purchased within three business days from the day the shares were registered in the Central Registry.

Method and date of publication of the Prospectus

The prospectus was published on 25 July 2018 in electronic form on the Issuer's website (, the website of the Agent and the Sponsor M&V Investments a.d. Belgrade ( and on the website of the Belgrade Stock Exchange a.d. (




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