FINTEL ENERGIJA News MK Fintel Wind opens the second wind farm in Serbia

MK Fintel Wind opens the second wind farm in Serbia

VRŠAC- Today, the company MK Fintel Wind has opened the first wind farm in Southern Banat La Piccolina near Vršac with installed power capacity of 6.6 megawatts. The winf farm will supply around 5,500 households. The investment value is about 10 million Eur and the Minister of Mining and Energy Aleksandar Antić attended the opening in Zagajica as well as the Provincial Energy Secretary Nenad Grbić, Executive Director of Fintel Energia Spa Tiziano Giovannetti and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unicredit Bank for Serbia, ChilaIhaz.

Antić, who has cut the ribbon and therefore marked the official launch of La Piccolina, said it was a significant day for Serbia and only the beginning of Serbia's path to become a serious energy producer from renewable sources. "This is the second wind farm, small but significant government's effortaimed to build new power plants from renewed sources and to enable the incentives for such projects and provide the clean energy for the citizens of Serbia"Antić said. He said that during the previous and this Government’s mandate, almost 80 MW was built from the renewable capacities and added that the status of a privileged producer have 12 additional power plants, seven of them for wind energy and a total of 485 megawatts. The minister said that this is good for the future of Serbia, stressing that Serbia will surely fulfill its obligations and that is reaching a share of 27 percent from renewable sources in total energy consumption by 2020.

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